Fire Emergency Systems

An effective and operational fire emergency warning system, can mean the difference between loss of life or valuable property. We’ll make sure you’re protected. Read More

Fire Protection Equipment

Cairns’ best range of effective fire protection equipment, including but not limited to sprinkler and suppression systems, stair pressurisation, fire doors and fire fighting equipment. Read More

Evacuation Management

We can assist with evacuation management and controls, such as arranging evacuation plans and the service, maintenance and repair of emergency fire evacuation equipment. Read More

Cairns Fire Detection Services - Fire Detection Technologies

Cairns Fire Detection Technologies

Cairns Fire Detection Technologies offer the best fire detection, protection and evacuation management services and equipment in the market. Locally owned and operated, Fire Detection Technologies are committed to providing the best service, products and advice for all fire systems and equipment.

This includes, but is not limited to: fire panels & programming, EWIS systems, aspiration detection, hazardous & reticulated suppression systems, fire pumps diesel & electric, emergency lighting (Nexus programming), fire doors, shutters & dampers, residential & commercial thermal & smoke detectors, stair pressurisation, smoke spill & supply fan systems, AC shutdown HVAC, fire hydrants, plus the sale, service, installation and repairs of extinguishers, hose reels, fire blankets and signage.

At Cairns Fire Detection Technologies, we’re committed to your safety. We’re committed to ensuring your people and property are protected with the best possible equipment, systems and services. When you are dealing with fire, there are no short cuts. You want the best advice and service, to ensure your systems and equipment will work where you want, when you want it. Early detection, fast protection and suppression, combined with effective evacuation management, will enable you to deal with a fire event safely. For more information, contact us today.