Fire & Emergency Warning Systems

Cairns Fire & Emergency Warning Systems - Fire Detection Technologies

Cairns fire and emergency warning systems can mean the difference between loss of life and/or property and a successful response, eliminating the threat of fire and damage. Sound extreme? That’s because it is! Undetected fires can easily take hold, with catastrophic results. A fire which is detected early, can be fought successfully.

Maintaining installed fire equipment is vital to early detection, and in the instance of smoke or flame, early detection prevents the loss of life or valuable property. No matter how simple or complicated the fire system is, it must be maintained at optimum operating standards, at all times for maximum effectiveness.

Cairns Fire Detection Technologies can service, perform scheduled maintenance and repair all makes of fire panels and subsidiary systems, including but not limited to vesda, hazardous suppression, magnetic doors, AC shut down, stair pressurisation and smoke spill fans.

Cairns Fire & Emergency Warning Systems

Conventional Fire Detection

Conventional fire detection (or alarm) systems are perhaps the most common and cost effective fire and emergency warning system available on the market today. These systems operate on a simple on/off premise. If there is no smoke or heat, they do nothing. If they detect these elements, to pre-determined set levels, they activate and set off an alarm. The conventional fire detection system is good for small applications and those on a tight budget, who want protection.

Addressable Fire Detection

Addressable fire detection systems are similar to conventional fire detection systems, with one major difference. A conventional fire detection system will let you know when it has detected smoke or heat, but it won’t tell you exactly where it has detected it, in your premises. Depending on property size, location information may be critical to ensure fast, effective response and the addressable fire detection system provides this detailed location information. This makes the addressable system more reliable.

EWIS, OWS & Sounder Bases

Cairns Fire Detection Technologies can conduct scheduled maintenance, service and/or repair on EWIS and/or OWS and sounder bases. What’s a sounder base? It’s the base unit which attaches to the ceiling and is used mainly in residential applications (but not limited to). They feature automatic synchronization of sounder and in some applications a strobe. It is these base units which emit the sound and/or light ‘alarm’ in an emergency situation, when the fire detection systems has sensed smoke or heat and achieved an alarm state.

Aspiration Detection

Aspiration detection units are constantly sampling the air in their surrounds to check for particles of smoke. They provide very early fire detection and the fastest possible warning and response times. These units are ideal for demanding and difficult operating areas, including but not limited to data centres, server rooms, archives and larger, ventilated areas like warehouses. Aspiration detector units will detect smoke before it becomes visible.

Residential Fire Detectors

In Queensland, it’s a legal requirement that all homes and units are fitted with appropriate residential fire detectors. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services recommends photoelectric smoke alarms over ionization types. Cairns Fire Detection Technologies can install, repair and/or conduct regular maintenance on all Cairns residential fire detector units, across the city and its surrounding southern and northern suburbs. Contact us today for more information.

Commercial Fire Detectors

Cairns commercial fire detector units and systems are installed in all commercial properties across the city and region. It’s a legal requirement in Queensland and the Queensland Development Code includes details on required commissioning and maintenance. Building owners face significant penalties and jail time if death or injury occurs due to failure to properly maintain a commercial building’s fire safety features. Cairns Fire Detection Technologies can help, with qualified services, maintenance, compliance and/or repairs.