Fire Evacuation Management Services

Cairns Fire Evacuation & Management - Fire Detection Technologies

Cairns fire evacuation and management services are provided by locally owned and operated, Cairns Fire Detection Technologies. Effective fire evacuation procedures and management can mean the difference between a cool, calm response and a panicked scenario.

Fire evacuation systems can include, emergency and exit lighting, evacuation maps and evacuation preparedness and training. It is critical to ensure your family, business and premises is ready for a fire situation, to ensure an appropriate response with best outcomes.

Cairns Fire Detection Technologies can assist property owners and occupiers in evacuation management and controls, such as arranging evacuation plans and the service, maintenance and repair of emergency lighting, whether it be single point or programmed RF or LF nexus systems.

Cairns Fire Evacuation & Management

Emergency & Exit Lighting

Emergency and exit lighting is a critical component of fire evacuation and management. It will assist people to visually identify the safest and quickest path out of the building or office in a fire or evacuation, when smoke and other elements may be clouding their vision and judgement. Cairns Fire Detection Technologies can assist with the maintenance, servicing and repair of emergency lighting systems, including single point units and/or programmed RF or LF nexus systems.

Evacuation Maps

Evacuation maps document the quickest and safest exit from a building or property in an emergency situation and assist QFRS in an alarm response situation. They must be kept up to date to reflect any building changes and offer alternate routes, in case the primary route is not accessible due to fire and/or smoke. Cairns Fire Detection Technologies do not produce fire evacuation maps in house, but can suggest several suitable, qualified service providers to assist with this. Contact us today for more information.

Evacuation Planning

Evacuation planning is a critical component of successful fire evacuation management. Cairns Fire Detection Technologies can assist by recommending suitable RTOs for training and planning of evacuation management.