Fire Protection & Front Line Fire Fighting Equipment

Cairns Fire Protection & Front Line Fire Fighting Equipment - Fire Detection Technologies

Cairns fire protection and front line firefighting equipment, of the best quality and standards, are proudly supplied and maintained by locally owned and operated, Cairns Fire Detection Technologies. Fire protection is different to fire detection. Cairns fire protection services relate specifically to what you can do to protect property, people and products from harm, once the fire has been detected.

Early fire detection is critical. The ability to then act quickly with effective fire protection, using a suitable product or combination of front line firefighting equipment and products, can mean the difference between a contained fire and a damaging fire event.

Cairns Fire Detection Technologies can supply, repair and service a vast range of firefighting equipment to suit all needs and requirements. This includes but is not limited to fire extinguishers, fire blankets in different sizes, fire hose reels, fire doors and fire hydrants. We can also service and maintain fire pumps, either diesel or electric and install and supply mandatory signage to meet compliance.

Cairns Fire Protection & Fire Control Measures

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Automatic sprinkler systems offer immediate action and response, to a detected fire situation. This is known as active fire protection. Fire sprinkler systems will automatically commence operations (releasing water), once a predetermined temperature has been exceeded. Fire sprinkler systems are most common in commercial premises, public hospitals, nursing homes and libraries. The fire sprinkler system was invented over 200 years ago and has proved a robust and effective fire protection mechanism.

Fire Suppression Systems

What’s a fire suppression system? Basically it’s a system designed to suppress and extinguish a fire once detected. Fire suppression systems do include automatic water sprinkler systems, but they also include gas suppression, water mist suppression and AFFF suppression. Cairns Fire Detection Technologies can help. We’re qualified fire suppression experts. We know the equipment and systems and as well as providing advice, we can service, repair and maintain a fire suppression system to meet your needs.

Stair Pressurisation

Stair pressurisation systems provide front line protection to people, in the event of a fire. They are designed to ensure building occupants have sufficient time to evacuate the premise in the event of a fire, before the stairwell becomes an untenable escape route. This particular fire protection system is important for high rise office buildings, apartments and hotels. It’s a legal requirement under the Building Code of Australia to have an effective and functional stair pressurisation system. This includes supply air shut down and smoke spill fan.

Air Conditioner Shutdowns

Air conditioner shutdowns are an important part of an effective Cairns fire protection system? Why? Our region is tropical. The majority of buildings, have an air conditioning system. What does an air conditioning system do? Circulate air (hot or cold) around a building. Smoke is carried in the air and an automatic air conditioner shutdown ensures smoke is not circulated throughout a building during a fire event. This helps to protect people, occupants and fire fighters.

Fire Doors & Dampers

Fire doors and dampers, including magnetic door closures, are a part of the fire protection fleet that Cairns Fire Detection Technologies can assist you with. There are a wide variety of doors available, suitable for all sites and applications. Fire doors are designed to withstand fire, slowing its progress through a building. They come in a range of facing options, including plywood or MDF which have ratings up to 1 hour. To be effective, they must be professionally fitted and maintained. Fire doors can also include vision panels if needed.

Fire Fighting Equipment

Cairns Fire Detection Technologies have the complete range of front line firefighting equipment, including but not limited to: fire extinguishers, hose reels, fire blankets, hydrants, fire pumps electric and diesel. Locally owned and operated, we are fully qualified to install, service and maintain firefighting equipment for your premise and/or building.